Foodjunkie takes on Norway

Spending 2 weeks in Norway can definitely put a dent in your wallet.  Especially when it comes to food and alcohol.  The average price for an 8 ounce beer in Norway is 80 NOK which is equivalent to about $13 USD.  You can believe me when I say I could not afford a hangover in Norway.

So what’s an operagirlfoodjunkietraveler to do?

First thing’s first.  Find lodging that provides breakfast.  Hotel Oslo City Centre was a terrific hotel!  I would recommend everyone visiting Oslo to stay here.  Not only is it located in the center of the city overlooking a beautiful park, with the Royal Palace right around the corner AND the harbor just a few blocks away…but  the breakfast was one of the best European displays I’ve ever  seen!  A typical European breakfast usually includes yogurt, breads, jams, sliced deli meats, cheese, granola and milk.  Now throw in the Norwegian favorites.. some local cheese and salmon and then just because they love Americans add bacon, eggs and waffles. Needless to say waking up every morning was worth it.

This was a huge money saver for me.  Not only did I make sure breakfast was the most important meal of the day but I would also would sneak a little bread and meat for a sandwich for lunch.  No crime in that!



This park was right outside my hotel and it t’was lovely.  PS It’ also almost 10 pm in this photo…Bliss! 


The Royal Palace was just on the other side of the park, also right next to my hotel.  Fancy, right?!  


Alright, let’s get serious.

Here’s my foodjunkie review…


Let’s start with the basics.  If you’re looking for a cheap* fast food fix. Check out the local joint Max. I spent 18 days in Oslo, so as much as I am not a fast food diner… there came a point when I just threw the towel and went for it.  Bacon cheeseburger and all.  There isn’t much to say other than it’s not a Mcdonald’s or a Burger King… but don’t fret both of these fast food giants are also available to you in Oslo.  Buyer beware:  a Mickey D’s or BK value meal will cost you upwards of $20 USD…yikes! (I’d rather spend that on a Norway chain.  Thanks but no thanks.)

*cheap dining for 1 person in Norway is defined as $20 USD minimum (alcohol not included), at least that’s what I discovered.



I found the sushi to be delightful in Oslo.  2 rolls will set you back 138-158 NOK that’s roughly $25 USD. (I’m used to my 3 roll special at Vic’s for $9.99 in Philadelphia) Once you adjust to the fact that food is just more expensive than in the States you will start to enjoy what you eat.


Here’s the harbor I mentioned earlier… gorgeous, right?!  It’s also adorned with a dozen or so water-front restaurants to choose from and the views are incredible. Would you believe that this photo was taken at 9 pm? (I’m slightly obsessed with their sunlight!) We dined at 3 or 4 restaurants along the harbor during our stay.  All were delicious.


Olivia’s  is an Italian restaurant on the harbor and had really great pizza.   I wouldn’t suggest going all the way to Norway for the pizza, but if you are there for 18 days and need some options this definitely won’t disappoint.


 Louise Restaurant & Bar  is also on the harbor and had really great seafood.  When in Norway, eat the seafood!


The mussels and pomme frittes at Louise were worth every penny. This plate set us back 165 NOK which is roughly $26.00 USD, which was actually a good deal.

20140713_130521 Salmon is a fish and a color.  I think everyone should try some sort of Salmon when in Norway.  It was so delicious and you guessed it… so fresh!


As I mentioned before, beer is just as expensive as the food ranging between 80-120 NOK (roughly $13-$20 USD) per beer.  But anything in moderation is worth it, right?!


Such a cute beer!


After you’ve spent all your money on booze I recommend grabbing a doner kebab roughly 80-100 NOK ($13-$15 USD) and finding the closest public square to dine-in at.


Checks and balances are always a good thing when on vacation.  My beau had his heart set on this massive seafood platter and Solsiden did not disappoint!  This pretty plate will set you back 1200 NOK  (that’s about $200 USD), but trust me when I say it was well worth it.


Not to mention this oyster from Normandy was the tastiest little critter I’ve ever tried!

So after you digest how much more expensive the food and alcohol is in Norway you can begin to enjoy all the beauty this country has to offer.  Just remember…If you’re eating out 3 times a day you will spend anywhere from $60-$100 USD per person (and mo’ alcohol mo’ problem$).  As long as you are prepared for that, it won’t come as a shock. (Ok, it still will, but at least you will have budgeted…) I suggest packing granola bars and other dry snacks to bring in your luggage.  The good news is, everything you eat will be worth every  pretty penny 🙂


j’ai trop mangé~



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