Minute to win it meals.

It has been dreadful in the Northeast this Winter.  We are all tired of hearing about it, complaining about it and worst of all, shoveling about it.  I’m just thankful I rely on my own 2 feet to get to work.  I would hate my life if I had to dig a car out or god forbid a driveway.  Quel horreur!

During this depressing time, (as I like to call it) I find myself not wanting to do anything.  I mean, if you saw my hair you would ask me to put a brush in it.  Shhh, I did!  

So the next logical question is: What does one cook when they have the winter blues?

Meals that can carry through the week!

We made this mu shu chicken Sunday and there is still plenty more to feed us this week.  Instead of making the crepes we just used flour tortilla shells.  It’s chalk full of veggies which makes me feel a little better about life, but not much.  The list of ingredients sounds intimidating but really it’s a bunch of veggies, chicken, scrambled egg, and hoisin  sauce.  Super easy!

However, since today is Tuesday nothing else makes sense except for tacos!! I love taco night simply because I love sour cream.

Tacos are one of those meals that easily transcends through the week.  You can turn leftovers into quesadillas or a taco salad or if you just love tacos you can have more of them! I have leftover cabbage from our mu shu adventure so instead of lettuce I’ll be using what I have on hand.  That also makes me happy.  See, I’m already on the up and up.  Not to mention this is all the cooking I plan to do this week so now I can crawl back in my cave and awake when all the snow melts.  Thinking happy thoughts!


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