How the French eat fromage de chèvre

Bonjour mes amis! I’ve decided it’s time to share a recipe with you.   And when I say recipe I just mean 3 ingredients.  4 if you include a glass of bordeaux.

Once upon a time when I was studying abroad in Paris, the family I stayed with taught me many valuable life lessons.  The first was that everything Parisian is better.  I know it sounds snooty, but it’s true.  But the most important thing I learned was how to eat goat cheese  the only way to eat goat cheese.  And I lived happily ever after.

Here’s what you need:

1. A good log of goat cheese.


Whole Foods 365 log  c’est superb!   Trader Joe’s log receives my approval too.

2.  Some fleur de sel.


Qu’est-ce que c’est? This is the only salt you will ever have to use again.  I know, it sounds very Parisian of me to say this… until you sprinkle a teeny tiny pinch on… oh let’s say some goat cheese for this post.. and then you just get it… tu comprends.  Now imagine this… A teeny tiny pinch on your chocolate, a roasted peach, some fancy asparagus, mon dieu, dare I say some hollandaise sauce?!  Fleur de sel  has the ability to enhance the natural flavor of your food unlike any other salt!  Ok, keep your run of the mill salt for let’s say your hot dogs and any other mediocre cooking that we all do from time to time.  But bring this bad boy out for everything else!  I’ve stalk piled 3 jars from Paris.  I’m not kidding this salt lasts forever.  You don’t have to use that much, just a teeny tiny pinch.  That is the real beauty of it.  But if you’re not planning on visiting Paris in the next 24 hrs.  you can pick up this salt online here.

3. All spice.


If you have a spice mill I would dedicate it solely to your all spice.  But if you’re like me, just use your food processor.  Or if you’re not like me you can use a muddler.  Or even a rolling pin.  Get it?

Now what happens next is in.cred.ible.  These 3 flavors combine to create.. as the french would say… Je ne sais quoi

photo (6)

If you haven’t tried goat cheese, try it this way.   If you have tried goat cheese, try it this way.   You’ll never think twice.  My host family’s brother-in-law spoke english and he explained to me with a veery freench acczeent.  “You can only eat goat cheese this way.  Only this way”

I indulge completely and eat this with a fork.  Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy, a knife too.

True Story.

À tout à l’heure,



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