What in the World?! A post-Puff update.

It’s happened.  Again.  I have not forgotten ya’ll. It’s just that every time I think to post… something dramatic happens and I am left crippled for days.  Not really, but that sounds much more entertaining than I’ve been plumb lazy.  In a nutshell, the city life has been a whirlwind these past few months.  My sweet Puff has been gone now for almost 3 months but it feels like eternity. I literally just had to count on my fingers how long it’s been since he passed and I couldn’t believe it. Only 3 months? No… it’s been longer than that…Funny thing how a cat could have such an impact on your daily life and just how easily life continues when they leave.  That is the saddest part for me.  I want to miss him everyday and I do…just not the way my heart wants to.  Good job brain, thanks for looking out for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to spiral into a deep depression or listen to Carly Simon on repeat for the rest of my life just because my cat died…  It’s just that I want my life to seem empty without him.  But the truth is, life goes on.  Boo. 

So we all just keep on truckin’

I’ve still managed to find Puff hair all around the house in little tiny crevasses.  I found a tuft behind the bathroom door.  Silly Puff! I still haven’t searched under the bed…   The other day, my husband pulled a jacket out from the back of his closet and let out a sigh, “Oh, it’s covered in Puff hair.”  I sighed too.  I also found a perfume bottle knocked over.  I left it.  I am not sure who is the culprit.  Myself or the black kitty but I am kindly reminded that Puff matters. 

In the meanwhile, I am preparing for my first Northeast summer. What’s that?  Oh, it means there is no beach shore within 30 minutes of my house.  What a strange new world this is.  Even though the beach shore isn’t too far per say…. Just imagine if the entire metropolis and neighboring suburbs also thought this and for all intents and purposes there was only one way to get to the beach shore.  Uh, huh.  You guessed it.   You’ve now entered  a ticking traffic time bomb.

Boom!  There goes my beach shore days.

No need to fret.  I will enjoy my days walking down the sidewalks miles upon miles without a bead of sweat.  I will savor Rita’s Water Ice.  Oh, you poor Floridians don’t even know!  I will water my plants maybe 3 times a week.  I will bask in the cooler evenings.  I will still miss the beach shore.

Moving on.

I do plan to share some recipes soon.  What are you currently cooking?  I am excited to try lots of grill recipes this summer (We just bought a Weber Charcoal Grill)  I am also currently obsessed with ginger.  I’ve been using it with everything lately!  Meat marinades, veggies, vinaigrettes, you name it!

Also, Philly Beer week starts this Friday. I don’t know what that means, but I will be sure to find out!

Until next time,



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