To everyone who has ever loved a pet

I had no idea just how much I loved my Cotten Puff.  My piddle poof, my puff daddy, my puff puff, puffball,  puff the magic kitty, puffy wuffy, puffers, puff-a-lump. I know…the list can go on.  That’s why everyone loved him!  You could call him anything… really he didn’t mind.

Photo0024“Hey Puff bunny, what’s hoppin?”

As pet owners, we live a dangerously pleasurable life.  Our pets comfort us at our weakest moments, make us laugh amidst our angriest, and they offer us the simplest gift of unconditional companionship.  But the kicker is they tend to leave this earth before we do.  My Puff died peacefully in his sleep; his kitty heart gave its last beat sometime early Tuesday morning and it was heartbreaking and completely unexpected.  I am dealing with my loss the best I can.  The best any of us can…  I cried my heart out Tuesday, you know that cry where your entire face begins to throb because it’s unnatural for your tear ducts to be in use for hours on end.  And then you cry some more because it’s now a physical AND emotional pain.. Oh it hurts…  Wednesday was sad, I woke up hoping I had dreamed a terrible dream and then cried.  I managed to pull it together but somehow cried some more on my way to work.  And later that evening when we came home to our empty Puff house…   We both cried together.  We put aside our “what ifs”  What if we had woke up in time? What if we had seen the signs and ignored them?   The truth is: when it’s our time, it’s our time. 

I know it will get easier…and soon I will smile and laugh at all the Puff reminders.

But still my heart is heavy

CIMG0578Who will help me practice?

103_508523902362_9866_nWho will warm my sinks?

306409_10150315516052769_980888_nDay in and day out…

CIMG3968Who will validate my online shopping addiction?

CIMG1884Who will I take to Halloween parties? 

CIMG1889And just who will help me win “Most Disturbing” costume aka the crazy cat lady


Who will chase the t.v squirrels? 

IMAG0988Who will beg for food?  And yes, maybe sometimes overindulge.

Photo0096Who will comfort me when I am sick as a dog? (Excuse me, I mean kitty cat!)

Puffacrobatics_3Who will motivate me to “Puffercise?”

IMAG1993 (1)Who will be the apple of Pocahontas’ eye?


And who will keep her bed warm?

IMG04065Who will Buddha hug now?

CIMG2943Oh how he loved Puff… how we all loved Puff

photoHere’s the last picture I took of my sweet Puff.  February 17, 2013.   A little more than 2 weeks before he left us.  He’s fluff, he’s Puff, he’s…just so darn cute.

No longer will he knock over my perfume bottles in the morning, or meow when I raise my voice. No longer will he fish for feathers or engage in a game of hide & seek.  No longer will he bask in the sun or prance around our house in his kitty pantaloons.  No longer will my lint brush be covered in luxurious white hair.  Nor will our guests be promptly greeted at the front door. (He was such the gentleman!)  And most of all, no longer will he be the center of attention in our lives and also his sweet little Buddha’s.

 I asked my husband what we should do this weekend in honor of Puff and his reply was, ” We could prance around the house, eat till we are stuffed, and then pass out on our backs with our belly showing.”

I smiled and laughed. (Oh did it feel good to laugh!)  He’s right.  Our little zoo lost its favorite member but we are blessed to have spent the best darn 10 Puff years of our life.  And trust me, Puff matters 😉

To everyone who has lost their pet.  You are with me now.   Our pets are more than four legs and fur.  They are our salvation.   It’s true.  “You don’t rescue your pet, your pet rescues you.”   Thank you Puff for loving me and everyone you ever met.


RIP Puff May 2004-March 5, 2013


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