The Fashion Bible

It’s the first of November and I have yet to skim all 916 pages.

IMG_4225I know, I know.  She’s just been sitting  there…on my coffee table.  Looking oh-so-couture.  Yes, it was that time of year when Vogue releases its Fall Fashion Bible and it’s the best bang for your buck.  $5.99.

Don’t get me wrong. I managed to skim and flip and love and hate the first 400 pages.  It’s just the other 516 pages that have  been sitting there.  Waiting.  In fashion purgatory.

IMG_4223Well I am done. C’est fini! And here is my judgment:

I ABSOLUTELY HATE the aztec print that I’ve seen all over the world wide web.  Thank God I haven’t seen it on an actual person nor in my fall bible.  Thank GAWD.

I am not in love with the geometric shapes either.  Solely because I feel I can not pull them off but…

I could pull off this bag by CÉLINE


I am loving all the reds this season!  A few of my favs- the late Alexander McQueen, Valentino is known for red, Lanvin, and our American classic Levi Strauss




And of course j’adore Christian Dior!  Also, I feel animal print is in EVERY season… Seriously.  Does anyone else feel this way?

IMG_4284I have always loved the Christian Dior spreads in Vogue year after year and even with the company’s recent negative publicity, the face of Christian Dior remains just as classy as before.

But probably what excited me the most about this issue was the blurb article about the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby.

You know… that classic novel we ALL had to read in high school…you know the one that our teachers rewarded us with at the end by letting us watch the movie version from the 70’s during class… you know… the one with Robert Redford and that guy from Law & Order,  Mr. Sam Waterston.  You know.

Well, Hollywood decided it was time to remake it.  Updated with A-list celebs and all.

The REAL reason I am over the moon crazy for the release of this film is the fashion!  More specifically, it’s my favorite fashion decade: the 1920’s!  I mean, this IS the decade that the immortalized Coco Chanel revolutionized fashion!  What excites me the most is I KNOW we are going to see influences from this genre all over the fashion world.  The film is set to release next Summer 2013.  So I can only assume the new year will be roaring with the 1920’s.

The sooner the better.

IMG_4264Isn’t it lovely?!  I just get swept away with the elegance of it all. And the feathers.  Sigh.

Here’s my best Daisy Buchanan. “I always watch for the longest day in the year and then miss it.”


What’s your favorite fashion decade?

Yours Truly ~



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